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Heavy Friends - The Devils Den, 2024


Image of Heavy Friends - The Devils Den, 2024
  • Image of Heavy Friends - The Devils Den, 2024

Print size 6.3 x 9.6 cm, paper size 17.8 x 16.7 cm. Linocut and monoprint, hand burnished on Tosa Shi 54gsm, edition of 50.
(Only available unframed.)

The first in a new series of small prints focusing on dolmens and quoits, the remains of prehistoric burial chambers.

People have been returning to these monuments for countless generations, even after the original rituals were lost to time. They have become familiar friends, a seemingly unchanging constant in a rapidly changing world.

These monuments are huge, The Devil's Den capstone is estimated to weigh 17 tons, and although in this case the monument has not survived in its current state since it was created (having been re-erected in the early 1920's), the support stones faithfully support and elevate their companion as they confront the forces of nature and humankind.

A work of contrasts, I wanted to convey the immense mass of these monuments at a small scale and place the imposing permanence of the stone's silhouette against a monoprinted sky of ever changing soft cloud forms and light.

Title inspired by the track ‘Heavy Friends’ by Boris, from the album Heavy Rocks.

Due to the nature of monoprinting, the cloud forms and tones vary slightly across the edition.

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