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Born and raised in the Southwest of England, I grew up in Somerset, studied in Cornwall and now live and work in Bristol. I am inspired by the countryside around me, its history, its stories, and our ever-changing relationship with it.

Lee Nutland Portrait

Through my work I highlight the fragility of that which is perceived to be permanent. With an experimental approach, I combine elements of monoprint within the relief printmaking process, building layers of tone and texture to capture the atmosphere and emotions experienced when in the presence of the subject matter.

With a focus on prehistoric stone monuments, I consider their place in the landscape and human consciousness and how that relates to current attitudes towards the environment and the human experience. Through the act of walking in the landscape I create a connection to those who have gone before and by documenting those experiences with photography and drawing, I consider the passage of time, our place in history and the finite nature of existence.


Image courtesy of Liz Greaves.