Tuesday, 21 April 2009


I do love proper arcade machines, I spent my childhood wasting gallons of pound coins in these things, so in honour of this wasted youth I now present, the first in a new range that will hopefully include a fare few (Datona racing-esque and Time Crisis-esque machines already in the pipeline):

Paparcade!! (paper-arcade! clever, I know!)

And in celebration of this new line - full on completed machines coming soon - I'm going to be dishing out limited edition .pdf nets for the DIY machine pictured above for the next three days!!

All you have to do is send an email titled: "'Ere I fancy 'avin' a go at one o' they Leroy!" to lee_nutland@hotmail.co.uk - doors open at midnight, so get ready...

All I ask is that you send me back a snazzy snap of your completed designs - the most impressive i shall publish on here for all the world to see!

Enjoy xxx