Tuesday, 17 February 2009


This is a piece for The Cafe Of Ideas.
Big cheers to Lex for sorting me out with this little number x

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Art Stalker

I had an invite to join this network just before christmas and am now a featured artist in the illustration section. Check out the site because it's packed with a whole array of ace people:


This rather lovely gentleman and good friend of mine has only gone and setup a blog for all you curious design fanciers out there, and has very kindly put a little feature on me there, check it out here if you would be so kind: lukalukaluka.blogspot.com

Souper Sneaks

I appologise for the delay in this post but if you managed to see it i applaud you and those who missed it i am sorry i didn't let you know.
Souper Sneaks was a custom sneaker show at the Soup gallery, Truro over december by the Artade collective. Here you can see some (i must admit slightly sloppy shots) of my submition, the standard of everyones work was proper awsome so clapps to you all.

Pencil Pushing

Ok, so, it's been a while since anything new has surfaced on here and thats because I have unfortunately got a day job! But money is now going into the bank and a couple of new bits and bobs have been done and to come, stay tuned folks...