Monday, 29 September 2008

Babahogs Show

It opens today so shimmy your tushy cushions down to Babahogs Cafe at Well Lane (round the corner from toast) in sunny Falmouth for an exhibition featuring -
Laura Elliott
Annie B
Antonia Russell Clark
Amberin Huq
Hannah P
Rosa Dodd
Alice Nicklin
Paul Finn
Paula Crane
Kate Jetaime
Vicky Bentham Green
Jenny Naylor
Andy Saunders
Becky Cobb
Lee Nutland
Amy Timms
Laurie Woodruff
Tamsyn Swingler
Philippa Jones
Lucy Apple
Abi French
The Private View is at 8 tonight (29th) so go down there and spend your student loans / overdrafts / wages on some quality prints - I think I'm right in saying most things are £25 so not astronomical prices and I could really do with some cash right about now!
Unfortunately, due to being poor, I cannot make it to the show so you lot who do go need to tell me how ace it was.